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Smooth maximum power delivery with better fuel consumption for your BMW or KTM
International best seller! This plug and play acceleration module fits to your BMW or KTM. Smooth torque even at low revs.  More . . .
Ultimate off road luggage system
Giant Loop off road luggage system for hard off road riding - no frames or mods necessary. Outer shell - heavy duty waterproof fabric and zips. Inner contoured stuff bags.  More . . .
LED spots for your motorcycle
Super bright, compact LED spots. LED lights last for 50000 hours. Excellent daylight running lights for hi visibility in town and on the open road. Diameter 55mm . More  . . .
LED bulbs galore
Super bright, long lasting LED bulbs for every application e.g. stop lights, indicator, dashboard, festoon, running lights, wedge, coloured, park lights and more . More  . . .

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Schlowy Customs Racing - top of the log after three events in Forumula Extreme!!

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